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Oct 3, 2012 9:00am EDT
's lead has narrowed heading into tonight's big debate. john harwood is in denver getting ready for the big event. john? >> reporter: melissa, we've got several pieces of encouraging news for mitt romney from not only the wall street poll but swing states poll. you mentioned that mitt romney's closed the deficit among likely voters for obama from five points to three points. and in florida, he's closed from five down to one which is tied given the margin of error in our poll. in virginia, he has closed the gap from five to two. if you look at the state of ohio, a must-win state for mitt romney, mathematically possible for him to get to it without it but his strategists think he needs it. he needs to make progress there. but the fact that some of the national polls are coming back a little bit, some of the swing state polls are tightening, is a bit of an earn couragement for romney that he still has an opportunity for deficit with three or four points to change the dynamic in some way. he's got to hope that obama is not on his best game. you could have a scenario that like what h
Oct 4, 2012 9:00am EDT
thoughtful and successful hedge fund manager, john burbank, who runs passport capital. perhaps not the easiest time to be an investor, john, particularly when you believe there is a lack of growth that is not yet reflected in equity prices. i'm looking at your second quarter letter in which you simply say despite an equity market which in our view is ignoring the facts of the world, you're still holding a short position, perhaps not as great as it was in the second quarter. when is that going to change? >> yeah, so markets sold off for about six weeks in april and all of may. and then bounced -- bounced for four months in a row. meanwhile, growth continues to plummet around the world and in the united states. and ecri which we subscribe to and believe it is in our session right now. >> which they have been for a while, to be fair. >> they have. they have a good record on that. >> do you think we're in a recession? >> i do. i don't think all parts of the united states are. but i think we're incredibly close to that. i think the numbers are not actually accurate that the governme
Oct 5, 2012 9:00am EDT
. as we wait for the president to start talking about the jobs number we'll go to john harwood for a quick preview what his message might be. john is in washington. good morning, john. >> good morning. i think his message will be one we've heard from the administration which is first of all they are delighted by the news. delighted the rate is under 8%. delighted the august numbers were revised upward. but also have a tempered tone and say we got a lot of work to do because we do as one economic analyst told my colleague at the "new york times" earlier today this economy seems to only have three gears, slow, or reverse. it's not a good economy for president obama to be running with but this is good news. it was good news for the country that just a few minutes ago andy in his interview with you rejected the conspiracy talk about the jobless number which is a reflection of the disease in our political media culture. that was a step forward and the debate we ought to have about where the economy is really going. the underlying reality of the situation. >> might have been a step forward, john
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3